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What is ITA?

Information Technology for All, Inc. (ITA) is a Non-Profit Voluntary Organization, Non-Governmental Organization (NPVO/NGO established under the laws of the Republic of Liberia governing nonprofit, nongovernmental organizations; working towards bridging the digital divide

At the onset of this 21st century when computers are fast dominating almost every sector of life, it is widely known that third-world nations are at the rear of this technological advancement. Liberia, to be specific, has made no tremendous advancement towards this new age. Liberians are loosing their jobs because of lack of computer knowledge/skills. Not that Liberians are unwilling to learn, but taking into account the financial crisis faced by the nation and its people, most people cannot afford the exorbitant fees charged by the few computer training centers in order to acquire the requisite computer knowledge to better their lives.
It is incumbent upon nonprofit organizations that will provide computer knowledge and skills at little or no cost.
It is at this junction, the 25th of April 2001, the vision of bridging this technological gap (the digital divide) was born - Information Technology for All, Inc. (ITA), by the founder, Mr. Eugene C. Kortee. "This VISION has been my dream for so many years, but now the time has come."
When we hear about the digital divide, it's always about the "haves" versus the "have-nots", the technology gap, the computer gap - I have Internet access and you don't, I have computer knowledge and you don't; it's always about I have and you don't have.
We intend to implement this vision by linking the "Haves" (local and international) with the "Have-nots" (local) thereby bridging the digital divide across the global village.

The Purpose of ITA
Established solely to bridge the digital divide through charitable and educational programs at little or no cost, we intend to achieve our objectives by:
a. providing computer training, giving out new/used computers and computer accessories.
b. using relevant designed computer software (programs) for development and educational purposes to create social awareness (ex. HIV/AIDS awareness software).
c. provide the necessary training and software for people with disabilities (the blind, deaf & dumb, etc.)
d. seek scholarships (computer related) to assist third-world rural and urban dwellers.
e. dissemination of information technology related information.

Beneficiaries, Objectives, and Commitment

All Liberians and non-Liberians within the confines of Liberia.
a. Learning institutions (universities, colleges, Sr.& Jr. High, and elementary schools, etc.)
b. People with disabilities (the blinds, cripples, deaf or dumb , etc.)
c. Charitable homes (rehabilitation centers, orphanages, etc.)
d. Workers and non-workers (social workers) alike.

To increase computer literacy among the masses (throughout the length and berth of Liberia); developing the human resource in terms of information technology (computer skills).
a. To make people with disabilities useful in the society through the usage of computer skills.
b. Establish and maintain computer-training centers.
c. Establish a central information technology resource center (Computer Library).

We are committed to computers only; Information Technology. That's why ITA can proudly say, "if it involves computers, pull us, if not, loose us." To this, we will not select the categories of people that we are dedicated to -rich, poor, cripple, blind, deaf or dumb, etc. (for all)- taking Liberia to the Information Technology Age.



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