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These are the projects we have earmarked for now -  2001-2004. More to come.

1. Computer Training Centers - The opening of  Computer Training Centers to provide computer training at a minimum cost or free of charge throughout the length and breadth of Liberia.  This is one of our biggest projects. We are targeting all Liberians and non Liberians (schools, universities, the kids, the disables, etc.). This is one of the sole purposes for which ITA was established. We are also targeting training for the blinds, including some disables. Though expensive, we hope this will be possible as the first in the history of Liberia for a blind person to acquire computer knowledge or skills.
We also intend to include a special training session for the kids in order to give them an exposure to the computer world. We wish to also equip some of our training with Internet Cafe for the kids. This will give the children of Liberia an opportunity to browse the Internet.

2. Websites Development - Designing and hosting of websites for Liberian based Non-Governmental Organizations. This project is a collaborative one in conjunction with Interconnection of Oregon, USA. We intend to take Liberian NGOs to the Internet.

3. Information Technology Library -  opening of an Information Technology Resource Center that will cater to the computer research needs of Liberians. This library is to be equipped with IT books and some "off the shelf" technological equipment. We wish to also have an Internet connection available at this library, if possible.

4. KIDS HIV/AIDS Awareness - We have a software "KIDS HIV & AIDS Training" from Dr. Dick Schoech, which we are to use for HIV/AIDS awareness campaign for the kids in Liberia in other to create social awareness of the deadly HIV virus for the coming generation, the kids.

For these projects, we are seeking funding and equipment (new or used). Some of the equipment needed, but not limited to, include computers (laptops and desktops - new/used IBM compatibles), computer accessories, scanners, overhead projectors, software (programs), books, computer games for kids, training videos, office equipment, Local Area Network (LAN) equipment, printers, photocopiers, digital cameras, televisions, VCRs, generators, uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), surge protectors, air conditions, fans, vehicles, etc., etc. We are also in need of ORiNOCO wireless equipment in other to be able to acquire an Internet connection via one of our local ISPs which will enable us carry out most of our projects; specifically the website project. We also need your financial contribution as we need not mention this. Make a donation today to help someone out. 



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