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Liberians, friends of Liberia, information technology solution providers, technology innovative, social workers, and all - you are welcome to ITA's HomePage. It's long overdue to see people loosing their jobs because of lack of computer skills/knowledge; people hearing about computers and they cannot see them; people wanting to acquire computer skills but no money - ITA is a Non-Profit Voluntary Organization, Non-Governmental Organization (NPVO/NGO) that is dedicated to the task of spreading computer knowledge/skills to the people of Liberia

In the world today, when technology is used in almost every aspect of our daily life, most third world nations are unable to get involve due to the unavailability of technological equipment or skills.
 Information Technology for All, Inc. (ITA) is a Non-Profit Voluntary Organization, Non-Governmental Organization (NPVO/NGO) established solely to help bridge the digital divide. We want to spread technological knowledge and skills to all the people within the confines of Liberia, regardless of your status in the society. We are dedicated to serving the children, the handicaps (blind, cripple, deaf, etc.), students, and whoever wishes to acquire computer knowledge and skills.

Considering the financial cost in obtaining computer skills, which is serving as an impediment for most people, we are soliciting your moral, material and financial support to be able to carry out this task. If you are out there (local or international) and thinking of how you can impact computer knowledge into someone, we are here, give us your support, and your vision will be realized. Help someone to learn computer.

We hope that you find this site useful and come back again.

Once again, you're welcome.

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Read  an abstract of our proposal to be presented at HUSITA6 Conference, South Carolina, USA.

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