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Be of Help in closing the Technology Gap
It is known worldwide that technology is fast moving. Taking into account the pace at which this advancement is moving, it is impossible for everyone to be at the same level. Third-world (underdeveloped/developing) nations have found themselves at the beginning of this technological advancement. Liberia, to be specific is crawling in the race. There's a need that those who can help Liberians make a move, contribute to this worthy cost. Help someone learn about the computer today by making a donation to ITA.

Equipment Needed
We are in need of any equipment that is useful in the Information Technology world. You can donate both used and/or new equipment. Some of the equipment (new or used) needed include, but not limited to: Computers (desktop or laptops - IBM compatibles), computer accessories , printers, scanners, overhead projectors, digital cameras, computer and office desks, office equipment, software (for kids, adults, the deaf, the blind, any software that can be used in benefiting university, college, high school, & elementary students (e.g. science software), training videos, general application and operating software, etc.), printers, photocopiers, TVs, VCRS, generators, uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), surge protectors, air conditions, fans, vehicles, etc, etc.
Email us if you have any equipment for donation.



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